Who are we?

MBI Group is well entrenched in its diversified interests in resources and management developments. Over the years, the company has gained recognition with great success since its establishment. Thus, it is now at its forefront as the major player in the South East Asia market and one of the rapid growing enterprises. Up to date, MBI’s persisted on optimizing its philosophies, ‘To deliver out best’ and ‘To share Opportunities with all’. With the emerging markets, the company strives for continuous innovation and breakthrough to meet the challenges and enterprise needs. MBI possesses a strong dynamism to embrace the development of its diversified businesses with a more dynamic business model, which involves the sharing of business resources and assets. Its network business has now printed its footsteps in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and other Asia countries.

Under the approach of this agile business model, the growth of MBI is fuelled by a raft of innovative in an efficient and cost-effective way. Hence, the company continues to seek improvement and expansion in its business. In the effort of leveraging globalization, visions and missions, MBI has been pioneering with its business strategies. Beyond the bottom line, MBI demonstrates its commitment to the corporate social responsibility through its large chain of network businesses model, which successfully generated a wide range of employment opportunities. Thus, MBI became the most potential company for both local and oversea investors with the partnership of strategy alliance. This helps to strengthen and build our distinctive branding with incredible values.

Our Core Values & Philosophy

We demonstrates our commitment to the corporate social responsibility through its large chain of network businesses model, which successfully generated a wide range of employment opportunities.

Our Strategies

To drive towards building the largest conglomerates in the region, To establish world class value for our brands

Management Philosophies:

To give unwavering commitment with honour and integrity, To be a top-notch and progressive network company

Management Objectives

To continue growing with strong reliability and integrity, To fulfill our social responsibilities with honesty and sincerity

Corporate Objectives

To serve with a culture of inclusion built on Love, Sincerity, Determination, Loyalty, and Perseverance whole-hearted

Board of Directors Management


Mr Tedy Teow

Founder of MBI Group

With over 30 years of experience in networking business, our founder, Mr. Tedy Teow is known for his sharp mind and collaborative leadership style.


Dato’ Wira Amiruddin Bin Che Embi

MBI International's Chairman

Excellent Service Award, Kedah Outstanding Award, Members of Mangku. Kedah Excellence Award, The Best Conduct Award, Loyalty Award by the Royal House of Kedah.


Master Geoffrey Pak

Group Corporate Development Advisor

With his more than 30 years of vast experience and remarkable achievements, Master Pak has notched up a formidable reputation for his fiery eloquence and Oratorical skills.

To Embrace Challenges, Strive for Excellence

MBI Group is poised to take on challenges of a global business. Hence, all the employees, members including the merchants from different countries are constantly improving and growing with the challenges. The business, all the employees. merchants and members are the stakeholders that came together as a single entity to strive for top excellence.

To Deliver Professional Teamwork, Excellent service & care

All the members of MBI are committed to provide the best professional service to the clients. Therefore, the company constantly encourages and supports the staff and members in their pursuit of professional development and continuous upgrading of skills and expertise.

To Maintain High Credibility & Integrity, Dependability & Reliability in Services

MBI takes pride in offering value for money and quality services and products to provide the customers with a worry-free shopping experience.