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Korean type of beauty is extreme Fascination
Soul Beauty, established to unfold its commitment to make beauty sustainable. Rachel Sze, the general manager of SOUL BEAUTY not only that imported the latest skin care equipment and impressive beauty products, she also inherited the persistence of Koreans towards beauty to bring out your desirable beauty within.

You can now enjoy the premium sustainable beauty delivered by Soul Beauty without flying to South Korea nor taking the risk of undergoing any plastic surgeries.

We aimed to build an exquisite sanctuary for all the devotees of beauty heartily because we truly understand your thirst and need for beauty. We are not pursuing the beauty defined by our naked eyes, but managing your inner beauty inside out with the real passion to sustain your youth and beauty.

Stepping into Soul Beauty is like indulging yourself in the enchanted purple world of lavender with its heavenly aroma around you. You will be pampering yourself with your relaxing day at Soul Beauty like a queen. “This is what we want to bring for customer; intimate experience and the process of create beauty”.

SOUL BEAUTY is already open on Puchong, Ampang, Damansara and Mmall Time Square respectively, in a very short time already gain favorable comment and trust from most of the public. Therefore, Soul Beauty is providing treatments ranging from Lymphatic Drainage, hormonal treatment to stem cell therapy.

New technique beauty care technique.
Healthy skin contains water content in between 15%-20%, but if the hydrating treatment is not sufficient, the skin will become very coarse; the skin will even start cracking.”Hyluronate treatment” could permeate into deep of the skin, giving the skin moisturizing and hydrating, decreasing the loss of the water, maintain the skin smoothness and compact, improve the skin dehydrating phenomenon, recover vitality and elasticity, make the skin even more luster and pretty.


“Intensive Hydro Calming Treatment” could strengthen skin elasticity, as rebuild the damaged protein, boosted renew of the cells and clean the dirt deep in the skin completely, could increase and compact the skin. “Hydro Calming could help to recuperate oily skin, effective tighten up the skin expansion, improve pimples and acne, control the nourish skin, make the skin maintain fresh and cool, inhibition the bacteria grow. It decrease sensitivity phenomenon for those have sensitive skin, effective prevent inflammation, rapid replenish the water that skin needed.

Depressed skin color and pigmentation is the sign of aging, “Essential – C treatment” has helps decrease the over produce of melanin, at the same time it also decrease the spots and pigmentation, recover the luster and pretty skin, expose the flawless skin. “Whitening treatment helps to improve the spots and uneven skin, decrease dark spot and spots, prevent the appearance of pigment, strengthen the skin flexibility, recover the luster and whitening skin color, at the same time it helps to boost the tired skin, recover the natural vitality of the skin.”

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