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RED People Artist was established on 1st January 2014.  At the end of 2013, Red People Artist embarked on its challenge in gathering all online celebrities in Malaysia for the purpose of carrying an integrated marketing and providing assistance to those who are gifted by nurturing their talents which also helps the company to grow further. Among celebrities in Red People Artist are creative singer, songwriter, producer, director and actor Namewee, international tattoo artist Kinki Ryūsaki, movie star Cathryn Lee, singer Joyce Chu, Michiyo Ho, Stella Chen, Jimmy Tan, Charles Tee and many more.

At current stage RED People Artist have successfully gathered more than 40 online celebrities and has reached up to nearly 200,000 followers on its official Facebook fan page with it’s reputation as Malaysia’s largest and fastest growing artist management company. In term of production works, RED People Artist’s YouTube channel has accumulated more than 300,000 subscribers in just 3 years and ranked in top 5 Malaysia’s YouTube channels.

Other than online business and commercial engagements, RED People Artist also released several online shows on the internet such as Dato Sai, Fitting Queen, RED Gamer, Kongkam Show and RED NEWS. These online shows are produced by RED People Artist itself with its own production team and has received large amount of view. Not only that, RED People Artist was also appointed by several local and international commercial partners to work on their advertising campaign.

2016 Highlights

In year 2016, RED People Artist has engaged 10 new online celebrities and has given them a new image and style, with the main idea to transform them into a real superstar. In near future.

RED People Artist’s in house boy band P-High released their brand new song <Poor Love Song> which featured new signed actor Cathryn Lee. The dancing in the song has become so famous and well known that everyone has started to cover the dance which resulted in the song to successfully break into Taiwan market.

In June, Michiyo Ho released her new song <Love You No More> in both Korean and Mandarin version that caused a big hit with media reports in Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. The song was so famous that several Taiwan media has invited Michiyo Ho for TV interview which was a big milestone for Michiyo Ho and her development in Taiwan.

In the same time, RED People Artist has collaborated with Taiwan based media company KEEP THE DREAM. Together they organized an online talent  search program called <AMOi-AMOi Talent Search> with idea to establish a brand new girl’s group. All contestants who came from both Taiwan and Malaysia competed for 3 months before the final members of AMOi-AMOi was announced. The online show received great feedbacks from both Malaysia and Taiwan and was even covered by Taiwan mainstream media. Not only that, all contestant was also invited for several TV and online variety shows in Taiwan.

After the establishment of AMOi-AMOi, RED People Artist will be preparing for their album production and development planning in order to help the mixed girls from Taiwan and Malaysia to fly and achieve impressive results in future.

Since releasing her debut EP in Taiwan last year, Joyce Chu’s <Missing You> has gone viral in Asia by recording more than 20 million views in YouTube and a staggering 600 million views in China’s social media platforms. Joyce Chu has attracted interest from many local and international brands who engaged her for commercial, on stage performance and endorsements which makes Joyce Chu as one of the most commercialize singer around.

Beside her hectic and busy schedule in singing career, Joyce Chu was also involved in filming with her debut movie <Young & Fabulous> being released on June. Joyce Chu was also appointed to perform the theme song of the movie. With <Young & Fabulous> being screened in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia, Joyce Chu officially burst into international film stage.

With guidance from RED People Artist’s creative director, Namewee continues to produce impressive artworks for RED People Artist which allows all their in-house artists to develop and grow further with high confidence and become successful.

Within 3 years, RED People Artist has produced more than 20 videos which registered more than 1 million views and brought more than 20 online celebrities into entertainment world. We believe in near future, more and more local and international brands will be approaching us for collaboration. RED People Artist will continue to bring more surprises and deliver you with better services.

Red People

RED People