Popcorn Entertainment


Popcorn Entertainment was founded on April 1, 2006, by a group of passionate local web video production team. Popcorn Entertainment is a studio that produces creative films. We also create commercials, TV commercials, TV programs, online series, short films or micro movies and so on. Popcorn Entertainment Video Network is a platform to share and communicate with everyone who has a dream just like us. Our size could be small, but we dream BIG!

After eight years of battle, Popcorn is now getting stronger and gaining the attention of the audience as it successfully produced a few productions that gained very good response among the others.

  • 《The Strange Detective》 Short Film
    • The representative of Malaysia Finalist in the world largest short film festival, TROPFEST SHOUTHERN EAST ASIA 2013
  • 《Shou Ji》 Short Film
    • Astro Kinara Short Film Award 2007
      The First Runner-up, The Best Cinematography, The Best Atress – CJ Lee Cheng Jen
  • 《The Strange Mechanic》 Short film
    • The representative of Malaysia Finalist in China International Short Film Festival, 2015
      Nominated The Best Director, The Best Film Editing
  • 《Angela》 Short Film
    • The Representative of Malaysia in World Chinese Short Film Contest 2014
  • 《P》 comedy sitcom
  • 《World Cup in Love》 Mini Network Drama