One Publishing


A subsidiary media company of MBI Group, One Publishing made its debut in 2011 with its first publication, “Branding and Franchise” that integrates cultural features and creativity to provide a comprehensive business insight on current global market trend to professionals or industry players while being a necessity for those seeking to strengthen and uplift their branding identity.

With an established history of 5 years and a combined circulation and distribution of over 50,000 copies locally, “Branding and Franchise” is read by those between 25 and 60 years with the aim at bringing readers more in-depth information of workplace culture, branding strategies for business, observation and evaluation of latest trends in the industry.

In July 2015, One Publishing launched its first simple and yet elegant travel magazine, “Premium Travel”. Similar to “Branding and Franchise”, “Premium Travel” is a magazine that advocates lifestyle, food and travel as one. With over 45 endorsements from hotels in the region and 10 cross-media partnership, the publication is focused on widening the horizon of upper class trend among readers by giving them new traveling ideas and experience.

Thus, One Publishing is here to provide you with everything you need for work and travel as we promote enjoyable learning and reading experiences among our readers.