MBI Bird’s Nest

Beauty & Health

MBI Bird’s Nest is made of the dried nest of swiftlets, which consists of their saliva and feathers by the ocean.

Bird’s nest is a precious natural nourishment and health product, which contains mainly proteins, carbohydrates and other natural minerals. It is traditionally used as a tonic to strengthen and fortify the body and replenish the “qi” of the body. Recent researches show that bird’s nest also promotes skin cell renewal and regenerative power of body tissues.

There are mainly two types of natural bird’s nest, the cave bird’s nest and house bird’s nest.
The cave bird’s nest refers to the nests built by swiftlets in natural limestone caves and on the ocean cliffs. It is more solid, hard and tastes better.

The house bird’s nest refers to the nest built in man-made swift houses, which is constructed by mimicking the swiftlets’ natural habitat. House bird’s nests are generally higher in quality compares to the cave bird’s nests because it is carefully monitored and the bird’s nests because it is carefully monitored and the bird’s nests are protected by the workers on a regular basis. The nutrition of the house bird’s nests is also well-preserved in a cleaner and more hygienic environment.

MBI 100% Bird’s Nest is cleansed using the “High-Tech Pure Natural Energize Water System”. All the final products are delicately processed with 100% free of bleaching agents, preservatives, coloring and chemical substances.

Bird’s nest is a natural health product with pure and high nutritional value. Regular consumption of bird’s nest helps to strengthen the heart function and immune system. Furthermore, taking bird’s nest also helps to alleviate the trachea, regulate the breathing mechanism, control asthma, rejuvenate the patient’s body quickly, maintain beauty and extend longevity. Bird’s nest is suitable for any gender and age groups regardless of seasons of weather.

Cooking Method:
Firstly, soak the bird’s nest in water for approximately 60 minutes. Wait for the bird’s nest to swell and soften. Next, drain and place it in a pot. Then, add in fresh water and double-boil it over low heat for approximately 30 – 60 minutes. Lastly, add in rock sugar and it is ready to be served.

Use low heat to double-boil the bird’s nest and maintain the temperature around 80℃ to best preserve the aroma and nutrients of the bird’s nest.