M Mall O2O


With the rising popularity of the mobile devices, online shopping appeals to be at the fingertips of the consumers. The O2O platforms is fulfilling the needs of every shopper as the tool to seal the deal from online searching to offline purchasing.

The term of “O2O” became a hit after the amazing rise of Groupon, a global leader in e-commerce from United States of America offering people around the world to search and discover great discount vouchers at unbeatable prices. The 3 main features of Groupon are: Help to promote the merchant partners, Customers enjoy unbeatable online price, Customers enjoy and redeem products or services with customizable deals.

The virtual digital sales channels are paying the way for the online shopping experience with the brick and mortar retailers to drive the customers online. O2O commerce is providing direct communication service to the customers in which they can make their payment right away online and the retailers will then deliver the services and products. This is creating a new marketing opportunity to attract new potential customers.

The digital strategy of O2O commerce is bringing a direct link between the mobile network and online advertising as well as offline revenue. Thus, all the retailers can now harnest the force of O2O commerce with a low capital and stay connected to a wide range of consumers at anytime.

M mall (Online)
M Mall is an e-commerce platform with an advanced concept.
The birth of M Mall is embracing the global online shopping trend and thus, bringing to gap between instead res and online shopping closer to the consumers. M Mall has created a limitless trading platform for consumers and online retailers where the consumers can perform bartering instead of just purchasing.

With the revolutionary of O2O commerce, M Mall is proud to be the trading platform for all the users to have more choices at the touch of their fingertips.

M Mall is emerging to be one of the hottest online shopping platform in the nation. M Mall is emerging to be one of the hottest online shopping platform in the nation. M Mall is beginning its publicity events such as the GRC Carnival, the road shows for the launching of M Mall concept and some welcoming events for new merchant partners.

M Square Logistic Centre (Offliner)
M Mall is connecting the buyers and the sellers through M Square Logistic Centre to create a smooth logistic flow for products as well as decreasing the operational cost for the customers to enjoy the services and products at a more attractive price and to perform efficient online purchases.

M Square is responsible in managing and optimizing the logistic services for M Mall and also server as a hub for merchant partners to distribute and collect goods. M Square is also designed to meet the needs of customers from different countries at its global availability.