M Leather


Established in 2013, M leather is a leather shop integrated the beauty of genuine leathers with the designers’ inspiration to produce every piece of its leather ware.M Leather team comprises of outstanding local artisans and designers who have more than 20 years of experience in the design and art industry.

Belts, wallets and shoes for ladies and men by M Leather are all made from genuine crocodile’s skin sourced from crocodiles have died a natural death to produce high quality leather wares and contribute to keeping ecological balance. Apart from that, stingray’s skin and buffalo’s skin are also used to produce leather wares.

First and foremost, M Leather gives priority to practicability while simplicity and elegance are our core concepts in designing leather wares. M Leather team gives leather wares a touch of vogue yet respect the past and fully utilize the natural grain of the leather in making the beautiful leather wares. As a result, leather wares by M Leather meet the needs of consumers whether on special occasions or casual gathering.

M Leather personifies quality and uniqueness; custom made leather wares are available to bring out the best of your persona, and M Leather insists on providing 100% purely handmade and limitedly produced leather wares to leather fans. M Leather values your thoughts and feedback on your custom made leather ware, and meet your satisfactory with our artisans’ expertise in leather procurement and maintenance. Artisans from M Leather are ready to share their knowledge of leather maintenance with you to prolong the life cycle of your custom made leather wares.

Choose M Leather and be the real you.