GV Rewards


What is GV Rewards?
Welcome to one of the biggest reward platform in Southeast Asia! In GV Rewards, you can get Mobile Prepaid Top-Up Cards, GameView Points, MOL Points, Exclusive Game Packs and many others for free, just by completing simple daily tasks. More than 300,000 users worldwide have benefited and you do not want to miss out.

Just a few simple steps and the goodies are all yours! Wait no more and Download GV Rewards NOW!

Key Features
* Get all games
GV Rewards offers a wide range of exciting mobile games – we have RPGs, Strategy, Action, Racing, Musical and Rhythmic games to satisfy gamers of all genres.

* Play On H5 Mini Games
H5 Mini Games are actually HTML5 Games – Looking for a quick gaming fix? These games are fast, easy and require no downloading!

* Redeem exclusive gifts packs
Exclusive in-game gift packs FTW! Get them all in just one click! As we know, they run out pretty quickly.

* Collect Daily Offers
Complete daily offers just by playing the Games, and earn up to 400 points a day! Daily offers are renewed daily. Exchange these points for exclusive packages when you accumulate enough.

* Earn Points
Play all the mobile games through GV Reward app and earn yourself a load of points. Redeem exclusive gifts pack or mobile credits with your GV Points.

* Earn Points By Inviting Friends
For every friend you successfully refer to GV Rewards, you and your friend will receive 200 GV Points each.