Gameview has developed tremendously in Malaysia to be the largest mobile game publisher and owns one of the biggest gaming platform in Malaysia,

Committed to be the Southeast Asia No. 1 Mobile game Platform, Gameview provides comprehensive mobile game services that ranges from game operations to localization and marketing that target users from Southeast Asia. In order to better accommodate the international users, Gameview has also integrated with local payment gateways to be the one-stop payment solution.

Gameview’s forte is not only on game operations but also provides top-notch localization and marketing services, particularly in the field of online marketing. In terms of localization, Gameview localized its games into multiple languages in Southeast Asia because Gameview believes in the importance of adapting to the culture of their audiences.

Gameview has recently extended its reach into Mobile Game development and has build strategic alliances with game developers to create best selling games that best represent Gameview. Gameview’s current aim is to co-develop numerous games by year 2016 to build its brand and recognition within the game development industry.

Gameview has also established various offices around Asia and in countries such as Beijing, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and Korea, with its headquarter based in Malaysia. All our staffs are experienced specialists who understands the industry best and pledged to provide only the best quality services / products to the clients. Hence, come kick start your game publishing / development journey with Gameview and be in the front-line of the ever growing Mobile Gaming Industry.

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