Film Kingdom Group


Film Kingdom Movies was established in 2013. The business philosophy are in line with the production and distribution of high quality films and to promote film culture to the world.The company has produced and released commendable films by mean of Self-financing / Joint Ventures / Production / Distribution of high quality works.


Film Kingdom Movies foresees to become a full-fledged film company in the next 5 years. Its business scope includes: Film Production, Film Distribution, Cinemas Development, Talent Management, Film Post-Production, and Video Production. Film Kingdom Movies have been steadily moving forward in its development in the past several years and it is recognized by the industry. Film Kingdom Movies takes movie production seriously, pay close attention to scripts, very mindful on purchasing films, and is also very careful in grooming future in front and behind the scenes people. Its brand has successfully stamped its mark in the Asian Film Industry.


Film Kingdom distribute movies, at the same time invest and co-produce with foreign companies that are filming locally to promote global film into the market. Malaysia has various beautiful scenery and locations that are optimum for various genre of films to be produced.

By integrating in talented local actors/actresses and production crew, Film Kingdom will provide a one-stop station for filming and information gathering to ease the burden of foreign company.


S for Secrets
The Strange House
Knock! Knock! Who’s There
Saving Mr. Wu
The Sand
Port of Call
Ratchet & Clank


My Papa Rich

Film Kingdom Movies