Asian Taste


Asian Taste located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, is a popular seafood restaurant providing Malaysian Chinese style cuisines throughout the year. Asian Taste accommodates its guests with vast and cool dining room, serving freshly cooked seafood by professional kitchen crew under the leadership of a Pahang chef who is having more than 20 years of experience in F&B industry.

We believe the quality of food plays the major role in enhancing your health, therefore we choose our cooking materials carefully from ethical suppliers, and abide with international hygiene standard in kitchen management and food preparation. To provide fresh seafood, we have a built-in seafood market in the restaurant to privilege guests in choosing their favourite seafood before cooking the cuisines. Seafood provided ranging from fishes, crustacea to mollusks: abalone, empurau, leopard coral trout, mantis shrimp, white pomfret, sea cucumber clam and more.

Asian Taste is well-known for the authentic taste its cuisines bring. Self-blend marinating sauces and seasoning are parts of our food preparation. Together with fresh seafood, poultry, and local vegetables, we serve cuisines that create unforgettable dining experience.

Apart from that, Asian Taste provides dining rooms and caters food for celebration of corporate annual dinner, wedding and Chinese New Year reunion dinner. Other occasions and festivals celebration at our restaurant are welcomed.