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Appleblue Entertainment Sdn. Bhd. is an experienced advertisement & promotion marketing firm; with professional event management as their core business. Appleblue’s expertise in social media marketing together with their executive planning & diligent execution skills will have your marketing needs well implemented. Besides, their superior group of creative & innovative workforce is capable to furnish the demanding market with entertainment related elements. Few to mention are multi-talented emcees, well know singers & dancers, video productions and sponsorship funding.

Appleblue’s proficiency in marketing sector has been greatly benefiting various partnering corporations in achieving significant business & public relations. Thus, these business partners are always steps ahead of others.

Distinctive credits to Appleblue for wonderfully accomplished lots of magnificent events since established in year 2009. For instance, MBI International & CVI Link Sdn. Bhd.’s anniversaries; launching of companies like Sushi King, Alliance Bank Raya promo video; produce and hosting of Thailand-Dannok’s Asian Cultural Village (ACV) & tourism shows “Travel Circula”: various charitable vents and many more.

Monday Blue doesn’t exist at Appleblue, start partnership with Appleblue to avoid victory in a Blue Moon!

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