An Advanced 3G Mobile Social Network

Come celebrate the establishment of the social networking site,MFACE a true pride for all Malaysian, Let’s spread and share the joy! 

mface’s key development direction is focuses on being professional, real-time, mobility, and open source technology.

mface will be in sync with the world. Presently, it has begun to expand into several Southeast Asia and Asia countries.

mface, is international acclaimed micro blogging with local flavor. It has attracted more than ten thousand users per month. To achieve higher site traffic, we engaged in strategic plans across the Jakarta (Indonesian capital), Bangkok, Thailand, and other famous China cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.
It is a next generation social networking site, which a combines the power of micro blogging, Twitter, Facebook and blog features. It is a new concept with personal blogging equipped social network features. The site also offers unique social games and lifestyle information. It’s no more limited to the virtual world, mface enables you to meet the challenges in the real world, and create contacts to the real world.

A Market Leader with much to offer

With the philosophy of “ Sharing wealth by creating resources” and through the macro trends of “social networking”, the business is expanding rapidly and effectively, to achieve its aims!

mface will establish a mobile social networking platform, as with the development of mobile Internet, the mobile social networking service will be more diversified, and popular than search engine portal. mface’s unique form of social network will soon be elevated to a text and video social networking platform.

The Innovative way of MFACE

With creative and different platform, MFACE allows better use of your potential, and undiscovered talent, such as the new concepts: the big mouth blog invites you gossip about, the most dazzling famous artists’star blogs, the most funny blog and the most touching successful people blog.

The Big mouth blog provides unlimited space ofof web platform, such as photo albums, audios and videos, allow you to share, discover and explore more excitement content. Come and join the big mouth and share our experiences in life, this will be the best platform for you to socialize and share among friends.

MFACE is committed for providing a user-friendly social site and our ambition is develop MFACE through a more intelligent and useful way. We welcome you to grow with us along the MFACE’s innovative path.


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